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The Princess Diaries

I firmly believe that older books are just as important to blog about as newer ones. There is always going to be someone who missed the boat the first time around. That's why, after reading Meg Cabot's first in the bestselling series for the fourth time (yes, you read that right) - I decided to put it on here.

I was one of those stuck up girls (not Lana, no worries - maybe a little Lilly) that saw the cover (at the time it was bright pink with a sparkly tiara) and scoffed. I didn't want to read a book that had "Princess" or "Diaires" in the title. Thing is, I loved the Mediator series by a certain Jenny Carroll, and when I realized Jenny Carroll and Meg Cabot were one and the same - I had to read it. And if you are one of those people that didn't read it because of the cover, title, etc. - THINK AGAIN!

Hilarious (I mean, laugh-out-loud funny) and extremely entertaining, The Princess Diaries is the type of book you devour in less than a day because it just so much fun.

Mia is a relatable girl. She's unhappy with her appearance, likes a guy that doesn't know she exists, and maybe a bit of a wallflower (at least at first) but when she gets the news that she's a princess (I'm assuming that everyone knows this twist, which makes it no longer a spoiler) everything changes. From her twenty-five pound cat Fat Louie (I am the proud kitty caretaker of two fluffy twenty-five pounders myself - and a teeny ten pound model kitty), to her bossy and outgoing best friend - every detail of Mia's life is clearly defined and enjoyable. It's realistic, with a fantastical twist.

I'm actually rereading the whole series all over again - and I just have to recommend it to anyone who thought they wouldn't be into it or it sounds cheesy - I WAS YOU! If you have ANY sense of humor, The Princess Diaries (and every book in the series thereafter) will become one of your favorites!


Laura said…
I've seen the movies but never read the book! I was very much judging this book by it's name. lol. Maybe I should consider adding it to my reading list if you thought it was worth while. How close it the movie to the actual story?
MrsRonWeasley said…
It's close in that Mia is a princess. Everything else... well, for example the dad is alive and well. And it isn't QUITE as fluffy as the movie. Oh, and Grandmere? Yeah - she isn't the sweet, regal woman Julie Andrews portrays her as. No, she's kinda scary. Lol. Which is way more fun, in my opinion!

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