Monday, August 31, 2015

Two Important Tidbits of Info for All You Book Lovers!

Today is the last day of August! Can you believe it?!? This summer went WAY too fast!!!

To help alleviate those blues you may be feeling, here is some awesome info:

Random House has begun a new YA program called First in Line!

Once you join up at, as a member you will have access through monthly newsletter to behind-the-book material, author content, deletec scenes and giveaways for advance reading copies!!! Don't miss out, bibliophiles!

On a separate note, are any of you fans of Sophia Kinsella and/or Sarah Dessen?!?

They will be having a Google Hangout on Thursday, September 3rd - chatting about writing, their books and more!!!

You can RSVP now and submit your questions via this link:

Have fun!!! Fight those End of Summer blues!

Head back here on Wednesday for another review, as always! :)

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