Monday, March 9, 2015

Warm Bodies

Warm Bodies is, essentially, a zombie story – but so much more – by Isaac Marion.

R doesn’t remember his name – none of his fellow Dead do.

They don’t remember much of anything about their former lives, actually.

He lives with a large hive of zombies in an abandoned airport, riding the conveyor belt, listening to Sinatra and calling an old 747 his home.

Each day passes by in a blur.

Then during a hunt, he meets a girl. A living girl – named Julie.

Against all reason, instead of snacking on her brain, R takes Julie captive – but she becomes his hesitant guest.

For some reason, R doesn’t want to eat Julie (well, most of the time) – he wants to protect her and try to talk to her (extremely difficult for zombies).

Something is changing…

Warm Bodies was INCREDIBLE!!!

I was recommended it and I am so glad!

Warm Bodies has moments that are shocking, sometimes gory, yet also surprisingly humorous, incredibly original and undeniably likable.

It’s touching, dark and strangely romantic!

Keep in mind – I am not a fan of zombies. To some, to say those words is sacrilege – but it’s the truth.

Yet, Warm Bodies is a revelation! It, in my opinion, can be enjoyed by those who are zombie fans and those that aren’t.

This is a completely new story – told from a zombie’s perspective! – and is absolutely absorbing, twisted, edgy and full of hope.

It’s sort of like a weird new version of Beauty & the Beast with stunning parallels between the zombies and humans – so heartpoundingly good, astoundingly well-written – I got teary eyes a few times by how deeply effecting it was.

Warm Bodies was an amazing, unique read that will stay with me!

Strongly, strongly recommended!


Scribbling Passion said...

I am not a fan of zombies either. I don't know why, but they just don't hold my interest. However, after reading your review along with many others, I think I will give it a try soon! I just got into the blogging world to blog about my passions in books and writing. And I just want to say that I love your blog and reviews! You don't leave any major spoilers lying around and I enjoy that.

Angie L said...

Thank you!!!

I hope you enjoy Warm Bodies! :)