Friday, April 25, 2014

The Parasol Protectorate, Book Four: Heartless

Heartless is the fourth novel in the hilarious, supernatural, alternate Victorian England steampunk adult series The Parasol Protectorate by Gail Carriger.

All month long I’ve been posting reviews of this awesome series – and yet again I strongly recommend that you read the books IN ORDER and WITHOUT SPOILERS, which means if you haven’t read books 1 – 3, you really should not read my review of Heartless.

It’s all too much fun to ruin surprises! OKAY?!

When a ghost, barely holding on to her sanity, expresses that the Queen’s life may be being threatened amidst much illogical prattle, Alexia, soulless preternatural, is on the case.

She, along with her hulking werewolf husband Lord Maccon, attempt to follow the trail to disrupt the designs against the Queen – and Alexia finds that it leads to some revelations of her beloved’s shadowy past.

Meanwhile, Alexia finds herself dealing with a sister that suddenly has an interest in the suffragette movement, Madame Lefoux’s increasing enigmatic attitude and tired eyes, and zombie porcupines that deliver the latest assassination attempt on Alexia.

Oh, and she’s eight months pregnant.

Determined to forget about that last pickle as she toddles around quite irritated with her condition, Alexia is resolute in her investigation – waddling or not.

The Parasol Protectorate series is always fun, effervescent and the sit-back-and-enjoy type of books. Heartless continues that tradition – being humorous, gleeful, witty and wonderfully wordy.

Plus, the mystery is involving, supernatural AWESOMENESS. I mean, did you HEAR the part about the zombie porcupines?!?!? Too much fun!!!

There are enjoyable, surprising revelations – none of which I will tell you.

Now, would I prefer there to be maybe not so many different romantic inclinations? Yes. But the level of light-heartedness and warmth makes it more than bearable.

And the shocks are most excellent, on top of all the delightfully giggle-causing social niceties! The Finishing School books are going to be better than ever now – so much overlap in unexpected ways!

Not to mention the end of Heartless??

Awesome and fascinating!

Bring me book five!!!

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