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Without a Summer

Without a Summer is the third novel in the adult Regency-era magical/historical series The Glamourist Histories by Mary Robinette Kowal.

Oh yeah - It’s also TOTALLY AWESOME!!!!!!!!

Because it is so awesome, you definitely don’t want to read them out of order. Here’s the order and the links to the reviews so you don’t spoil yourself here, if you haven’t read books one and two yet:

Shades of Milk and Honey
Glamour in Glass

And – truly – each one gets better and better!!!

Now, LOOK AWAY if you haven’t read BOTH of the previous novels. Immediately!!!

Okay then, for those who are all caught up with the books, here’s a vague synopsis:

Married glamourists Jane and Vincent have been taking a break from their international travels and visiting with Jane’s family when they receive a commission to work for a prominent London family. This gives Jane a great opportunity to pull her younger sister, melancholy-of-late Melody, out of quiet Long Parkmeade to give her a chance to meet far more eligible bachelors and get a bit more entertainment.

Yet, of course, things aren’t so simple once they reach London.

Abuzz with concern over the utter lack of regular summer weather, unemployment of coldmongers (glamourists that specialize only in keeping things cool), the suspicion that they have caused the frosty weather, and riots in nearby villages stemming from Luddites being concerned that their way of life is being taken away, Jane and Vincent realize the city is very tense at the moment.

So, besides trying to get Melody happily settled, Jane and Vincent also find themselves being pulled into an intrigue that may be of national proportions…

Oh. My. Goodness.

I love, love, LOVE this series!!! Without a Summer continues the trend of getting better and better with each outing!!!

A gorgeously rendered world made all the more delightful when filled with smart, witty characters like our hero and heroine, married couple Jane and Vincent! Like a magical Austen novel that continues beyond the wedding, I’m dazzled, engaged, and bewitched by Without a Summer and our sexy, intimate, loving leads!!!

A relationship made real by difficulties but made special by a solid foundation on friendship and respect, I’m in love with their love.

Without a Summer, like the previous two fantastic books in the series, has a delicately woven, intelligent plot that combines politics, light/naturalistic fantasy, family, and romance! It’s FANTASTIC!!!

We get to dive a bit more into Vincent’s dark past – and the revelations from that, among other things, causes a range of emotions in the reader (i. e. me). I was up and down, happy and sad, and most of the time just elated!

Why? Because Without a Summer is an excellent, fast-paced, suspenseful, surprising, makes-me-smile kind of read!!! And I am SO glad that there will definitely be a fourth book – though I am hopeful there will be many more after that!!!

Misunderstandings, mistakes, and TWISTS! Oh. My. Goodness.



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