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Taken by Storm

Taken by Storm is a remarkable YA werewolf novel, and the third in the exceptional Raised by Wolves series, written by the unparalleled Jennifer Lynn Barnes.

Are my word choices making my opinion clear already?

Maybe that’s because I frickin’ LOVED Taken by Storm just as much as Raised by Wolves and Trial by Fire!!! This is, in my humble, psychotically bibliophile opinion, by FAR the best werewolf series out there.

But, listen to me… I’m getting ahead of myself!

My synopsis will be meager, as I don’t want to give away next to anything about the plot – but even so, I encourage you to avoid this review if you haven’t read the first two books. The reviews of those titles are linked to their names above.

Now, for you fellow Raised by Wolves fans, let us continue…

Bryn is unique in many ways. She’s the alpha of the Cedar Ridge werewolf pack. The only alpha that is female. The only alpha that is young. The only alpha that is human.

This uniqueness makes her a target from the other pack alphas. Especially the ones that covet her array of female werewolves, a rarity in their world. But despite the fact that she is weaker than any werewolf and could not survive a battle against one, though she is Resilient, Bryn will die before she lets any of her pack be taken without a fight.

Unable to ignore an official summons from the werewolf Senate, Bryn has to keep her cool as she comes face to face with the alpha that tried to kill her, by proxy, not too long ago. His actions, and what Bryn had to do in response, have left her pack a little broken – and her mind tortured.

The problem is that he shares news with the group of powerful werewolves that there is a rogue werewolf. A female rogue. Bryn knows that there is a purpose for this insinuation. They might not be able to make a direct attack, but the hobble a plan that is essentially an ultimatum.

Bryn refuses to let the little issue of her feeble humanness to play a role. She will protect her pack, her land, and her life…

Happily, the book’s jacket doesn’t give away much more than I did! Yay for Egmont (the book’s publisher)!! Really, if you are a fan of the series already, why do you need to know anything? All I need to know is that it’s part of this series and I am THERE.

Okay, so Taken by Storm is INCREDIBLE!!!

I wished I could re-read the first two books, but really time is a commodity I have very little of anymore and in order to keep up with this blog I just could not. But, man, was I eager to jump in!

Taken by Storm, like the others in the series, in incredibly emotionally charged, full of edgy tension and truly high stakes – even as I struggled to recall everything that happened in the last books.

It’s stunning, twisty, insanely original, heartbreaking, suspenseful, phenomenal, and AMAZING! Taken by Storm is a reading experience, for me. I was left hanging – desperately wanting more. And, my oh my, am I hoping there is more to this series. I don’t know if I’ll ever have enough. But the conclusion was unforgettable and unpredictable, if it is indeed the end.

Taken by Storm is mature, intelligent, insightful, touching, and utterly engrossing with likable, flawed, realistic, excellent characters.

This is THE werewolf series to pay attention to, as far as I’m concerned. Across age differences, popular authors, whatever. Taken by Storm is a testament to how a fantastic author can keep the level of writing to a superb level even up to a third book.

What say you? Do you agree?


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