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So Silver Bright

So Silver Bright is the third and final book in the YA fantasy trilogy Theatre Illuminata by Lisa Mantchev.

As a HUGE fan of both of the first novels in this trilogy, Eyes Like Stars and Perchance to Dream, I implore you not to spoil yourself by reading this review unless you've already read the previous two. These books are just too amazing to ruin. Instead, read my reviews of the first two books here and here.

Assuming the only remaining readers are fellow fans of this trilogy, without further ado...

Bertie and her theatre troupe are almost done with their quest. Or so they think. Bertie has successfully rescued Nate from the Sea Goddess and somehow they all made it out of that situation alive. She's met her father, and learned a bit more about her own powers. Only one thing remains: reunite her father the Scrimshander with her mother, Ophelia, at the Theatre Illuminata, as she promised.

Nothing is ever easy for Bertie, though. She can't find her dad, the Sea Goddess is out for a deadly revenge, and the Theatre seems to be in more danger than ever - not to mention her Mom. Among everything else, Bertie still can't choose between her love for Ariel and her love for Nate - a situation that is straining both of the long held friendships.

But she has received a summons to perform for Her Gracious Majesty, Queen of the Distant Castle - one that could result in a magical reward called a wish-come-true, if she can only please the temperamental Queen.

Yet even if she does win, which wish does she use it on?

When I bought So Silver Bright, I allowed myself a luxury I have not afforded myself often at all this year: rereading the first two books. I just love these books so much!!! I needed to reorient myself to Bertie and her troupe. I'm still floored by the whimsical, dramatic, all-together-original imagination of the novels!!! I was definitely suffering from the bibliophile syndrome when awaiting a chance to delve into this FINAL book!!!

As So Silver Bright opened in all it's romantic fantasy glory, I realized I'm as stuck between Nate and Ariel as Bertie is. I also was instantly enchanted by the magical wonder of it all, the enigmatic, incomprehensible time period, and beyond pleased to be back in the company of the mischievous, crazy, irresistible fairies!

This novel has more delicious, yet heartbreaking, tension of the romantic nature and a renewed sense of strong danger for Bertie and her friends. I was getting really nervous in some scenes!!! Oh my. It's hard to really describe how entrenched I was and how bittersweet I always felt, knowing this would be the last time I got to spend time with these extraordinary characters in a "new" capacity. But if you're a fan of the trilogy already, I'm sure you understand.

I had absolutely no idea how this unbelievably awesome, sweeping trilogy would end - but I was eating it up like a starving fairy! So Silver Bright is a nerve-wracking, exquisitely unique, painful, tear-jerking, beautiful end to a phenomenal, majestic story - truly a magnificent finale.

No matter how old you are, no matter whether you're a fan of the theatre and classic plays or not, no matter what - you really, really, really need to read So Silver Bright!!! I know that there will be some people whose personality will not agree (and of course that's just fine), but I find it hard to believe there are many people who won't be persuaded by the utter charm and fantastical loveliness this tale provides in spades.

I loved it!!!

Remember, starting next week I will be posting a new review every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday! Make sure to stop by every day, or get caught up when you can. Let's see if I can actually meet this goal of continuing this through the end of January, shall we? Keep in mind, I'm trying to get to all these books while also working full-time, so please bear with me, as a fellow Bibliophile Support Group member, if I end up missing a day. Don't plan to, of course! :)


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