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Silver Smoke

Silver Smoke is a YA fantasy paranormal by Monica Leonelle.

Pilot and Brie van Rossum are still reeling from their mother's sudden, accidental death when they are sent to Honolulu to live with their estranged, famous musician father. Paparazzi seem to shadow their every move and Pilot does his best to keep his sister from sinking deeper into the depression that seems to be taking hold.

But one morning as Pilot drives Brie and his best friend Rykken to school, Brie is struck by a motorcyclist's resemblance to her mother and takes her first step toward a secret that changes everything. Because what is revealed is that there is a race of superbeings descended from archangels called the Hallows - and apparently she may be one of them. They throw everything she knows about her mother into a tailspin and sets her on a path that is full of danger, but perhaps an inevitable one.

All Pilot sees, though, is increasingly bizarre and worrisome behavior from his previously outgoing and happy sister. But when Rykken finds a mysterious and seemingly diabolical pendant on the beach, the two guys are thrown into a conspiracy of their own - as the pendant appears to unlock powers and may be tied to the Hallows, even though they don't know it.

Yet Brie, once she finds out about the strange piece of jewelry, is more afraid that it's linked to the enemies of the Hallows instead...

I am just now starting to give the whole angel paranormal craze a try. First I read Logic of Demons and then A Touch Mortal - but Silver Smoke was quite something! Monica Leonelle created a bewitching and intriguing novel that right away managed to make me interested and invested in these characters, who seem to be being stalked by more than just the paparazzi. Silver Smoke was drenched in beautiful details of Hawaii and an island culture that made the myths she brings alive all the more intoxicating.

Pilot, Brie, and Rykken are equally likable and layered - mixed with different aspects of personality, instead of being a cliche or a superficial romantic character. You feel the loneliness, the mourning, the confusion of all three and it just make you (or me, at least) care for them quickly and make the situations they're put in matter all the more.

Silver Smoke is suspenseful with surprises early on, causing me to be very curious. It's enigmatic and original with a rich, developed mythology that feels understood and well-plotted by the author. I felt confident that the Monica knew all the answers and that she was just taking her time to reveal all the answers, which was fine by me!

The twists, turns, and shocks seem to increase in volume as the novel continues - all of which kept me glued and turning pages quickly. Also, there is a slow-burning romance that is hesitant and tantalizing. And a touch of romance almost always adds an extra spark to a story, right? :)

In my opinion, Silver Smoke is awesome! It's absorbing, addictive, and very, very entertaining! It didn't take me long to become interested in where the series (called Seven Halos) will go - a sentiment that only grew stronger as the book continued towards its breathtaking conclusion.

This YA supernatural novel went places that I did not expect, putting me in an edge-of-my-seat state of apprehension, and leading me to a cliffhanger end that left me definitely wanting more! Hopefully we don't have to wait too long for the next installment!

From your book-crazy bibliophile bud (me, silly) to you: Read this! ;)


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