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Dark Moon

Dark Moon is the YA paranormal/fantasy sequel to Wereling, written by author Steve Feasey.

If you don't want some serious, inevitable spoilers of Wereling, then don't read any further, book addict!

It was long ago that Trey found out he was a werewolf. And not just any werewolf. The last hereditary werewolf in existence. And Lucien, the man who told him this, took him away from the orphanage he'd been living in just before an evil vampire, Caliban, burnt it to the ground as an attempt on Trey's life.

Before he knew it, Trey was living in the lap of luxury, basking in Lucien's wealth and kindness - despite the fact that he was also a vampire and the brother of Caliban. But Lucien's not evil, you see? In fact, he tries to fight evil and his brother's always bad intentions through an organization he runs, which employs many other beings that aren't entirely human. Trey befriended Lucien's pretty sorceress daughter Alexa and Lucien's right hand man and premier bodyguard, Tom.

But in a big attack and attempt to kill Trey, Caliban nearly killed Lucien, and now, after they all escaped, Lucien lays immobile and unconscious, hooked up to machines in his bed. Trey, Alexa, and Tom must find a way to heal Lucien before he dies, and that involves facing Caliban again and the mother Alexa always thought was dead, who gave up her own daughter for dark magic...

Alright, so that's a quick update of what happened at the end of Wereling and a little idea of the premise of Dark Moon. I'll be honest with you guys right off the bat, I wasn't a huge fan of Wereling. I thought it had potential, was at times fun and creepy, but ultimately a bit cliche and recycled. I was willing to give Dark Moon a shot because I thought that now that the characters had been established, the flaws (from my view) might be taken care of.

Yet... sadly, I found the quality of the writing to still be dry and lacking depth and sink-your-teeth-into-it goodness. I'm afraid that this series from Steve Feasey just might not be for me. Because, sadly, I felt like Dark Moon was even more cliche and recycled than Wereling, instead of better. I was pretty bored from start to finish, and never connected with the characters or plots at all. It all felt painfully familiar, devoid of excitement, suspense, or originality. Oh, I sound so mean!

As I always say: Read it for yourself!!! Don't just take my word for it. If you've looked into the book and thought it sounded cool, if you read Wereling and liked it, READ Dark Moon!!! We all have our own opinions!

I've decided that, personally, after giving the second book in the Wereling series a shot, that it is just not for me. I ended up having to skim the last quarter of the book or so, because I was just so disconnected from it. So, I am not going to be looking into the third book, Blood Wolf, when it comes out. But I hope you give it a try for yourself, and feel free to defend it in the comments section!


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