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Nameless Night

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Otherwise, here is my review of the week, after a couple weeks slacking off. Sorry about that, by the way. :)

Nameless Night, by G. M. Ford, is a "novel of suspense" according to the cover.

Well, that definitely describes it!

But before I get into all that, let us pause and get a brief synopsis: When a man is found nearly dead in a railroad car he is admitted to a group home for disabled adults, and since they seem unable to identify him they christen him "Paul Hardy". Seven years pass in a haze until Paul becomes involved in yet another near-death incident and he wakes up in the hospital with extensive and mysterious plastic surgery and a much clearer mind.

One small problem? He still has amnesia, and now he continually has flashes, pictures that he can only hope may be memories. But just as soon as he begins to try and follow-up these images, to search for an answer, government agents suddenly seem violently eager to find him - and Paul finds himself running to save his life, with no idea why.

Okay. Nameless Night jumps right into action within the first sentence. There's never a moment to breathe throughout this bloody, suspenseful, intriguing action thriller. And I mean, never.

Though you aren't even completely sure who Paul is, you find yourself empathizing with him quickly. And his journey to discover who he is, while ditching "government" officials is as interesting to the reader as it is to him. In my opinion, at least.

Along the way we're introduced to other characters as well, and find heartbreak and hope amidst some of the darkest corners of corruption and poverty. It's not always entirely plausible, but it's always extremely entertaining and compelling.

G. M. Ford even manages to make you care about a middle-aged romance and the goings-on of an ambitious female lawyer. And the amazing thing? He manages to tie it all together in the end.

I found Nameless Night to be incredibly fast-paced, though a bit gory at times (I didn't mind, but I thought I'd warn ya), and very well-done.

I'd definitely recommend it to any of y'all who like 24 or action movies, and those who enjoy suspense in general. In fact, I'd encourage even you guys who don't usually go for the genre to check it out. You never know, you might love it!


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