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The Hunger Games

Exciting. Heart-wrenching. Thrilling. Horrifying. Breathtaking. Suspenseful.

Just a few words I can use to describe the insanely addictive, page-turning first volume in a new trilogy by Suzanne Collins.

Katniss, a sixteen-year-old, tough, and already world-weary girl, lives in a futuristic version of North America - a cruel dictatorship separated into lonely, hungry districts. It's science fiction at it's absolute best. You know, where it kind of scares you? Yeah, this does.

See, the tyrant that is the Capitol has a certain way of keeping their firm grip on the people. Apparently there was a rebellion in the past - so they try to stave that off with the "Games". It's almost like a raffle, only your life is at stake.

Every child 12 to 18 is entered from each district, and two from each district are chosen (one male, one female) to compete and kill each other in order to be the last one standing in an arena of the Capitol's choosing (frozen wasteland, dangerous jungle, burning desert, etc.). And not only do the families have to know that their child (if chosen) will most likely die - but they have to watch. That's right - it's shown on live television all day. And made out to be a ton of fun.

Suddenly, Katniss finds herself the female "contender" for her district. And in order to survive? She needs to kill 23 other kids, some possibly only 12 years old. And all of whom want to kill her, too.

But I can't say more than that - every twist and turn of this novel is like a crazy, but wonderful, roller-coaster ride.

Not only does this book make you care immensely for Katniss and every other character - but it offers up searing romance, touching loyalty, and plain and simple thrills.

Let me just tell you, the atmosphere is vivid, the adventure is scary, and the overall novel? Fantastic! The intricate details of the opening ceremonies, interviews, and general strangeness of this reality TV "competition" is altogether impressive. I take my hat off to you, Ms. Collins. You caused me some pretty gory, bizarre dreams. And it was worth it.

Honestly. You'll be crying with relief there's two more to come. I know I was.

(It's coming out on Sept. 14th.)


Okay, I'm not generally a sci-fan when it comes to books, but by golly you've hooked me with your review. LOL

gwendolyn said…
I occasionally read science fiction -- used to read a lot when I was younger -- but this book sounds like (dare I say it?) fun. I'm going to have to check it out! Thanks for posting your review.
MrsRonWeasley said…
Happy to hear it! I think it is definitely a book that can cross over to fans of different genres. It is THAT good! ;)

Thank you both for commenting and reading!

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