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Audrey, Wait!

Robin Benway's first novel has been, so far, a critics darling. I was super excited to read it because it sounded like such an interesting premise - Audrey breaks up with her wannabe rocker boyfriend who then writes a great song about the breakup, becomes a huge superstar and ends up pulling her into the spotlight in the meantime - and it is.

But (you knew that was coming, right?) I wasn't sold. Well, not right off anyway.

Audrey's character was neither likable, nor relatable to me personally. In fact, I kind of felt that if I knew Audrey personally - we wouldn't really mesh. Not that I'd hate her, I just wouldn't be in her group. She declares early on that if you you don't like your music so loud the neighbors move out and the speakers blow that you probably won't be her friend.

See, I don't like the neighbors moving out (living in an apartment I know how stressful and horrible it can be to have a neighbor that plays their music too loud) and the speakers blowing out (um, hasn't anyone told Audrey about hearing loss?).

But even more so than any of these probably superficial and ridiculous complaints (I know, I sound like a bore, right?) - I didn't like Victoria, Audrey's best friend. She seemed unrealistic to me and, again, not someone I could imagine meshing well with.

HOWEVER, if you've been paying attention - there IS a reason why I am using the past tense.

About halfway through the book (which took a good bit of patience and a little bit of faith, mind you), I got it.

Audrey's personality started to shine more when all the crazy paparazzi stuff starts happening and her faux interviews and pictures start popping up in familiar celebrity magazines. Not to mention the fact that I felt like something was really starting to happen. Where I felt the first half was blah and lifeless, I found the second half to be fun, insightful, and romantic.

That's right - romance!

Things really started looking up when her extremely slow moving crush on Scooper Dooper (a rather alarming name for an ice cream shop, if you ask me) co-worker James got going. Ideal boyfriend alert!

And, overall, I saw how the progression of the novel (including the rocky beginning) did add to the satisfaction of the conclusion. Audrey (and even the cantankerous Victoria) became much more relatable and enjoyable as characters and by the time I turned the last page there was one word in my mind -

P.S. Because of the overwhelming percentage going to Tibby in the poll on the right, I've decided to go ahead and open it back up, for curiosity's sake, to see if that continues or if things even up a bit more. I've always considered myself to be a cross between Lena and Carmen.


Gabrielle said…
Interesting. I love the cover of this book, but am wary of all things celebrity-mixed-with-books. The combo never seems to work very well. Maybe I'll give this one a try.

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