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Sweet and Vicious

I received this book, Claudia Gabel's third installment of the In or Out series, from an awesome contest site, Honestly, though, I would recommend others to start from the beginning of the series rather than to jump right into the third book like I did. Which I usually don't do. But, ya know, I wasn't gonna go buy the others JUST because I won the third.

I can't help but feel that this book (and the others in the series) have suffered from Bad Cover Syndrome. This is just a personal opinion, and nothing against the girls on the cover or the people who designed it - but it just looks marketed way too young. Even though the two main characters are 14, they seem much older - and I wouldn't classify it anywhere near a Babysitter's Club book, which is what the cover kind of made me think of.

Okay - besides the cover now.

Shy Marnie and social-climbing Nola used to be best friends, but after some wild and hurtful accusations, that is all in the past. Now they are enemies. Marnie has moved on to a top-tier boyfriend, popular friends, and parties in her honor. Nola, in the meantime, is left in the dust to deal with her unrequited (it seems) crush on her friend Matt, a meddling 17 year old babysitter for her little brothers that seems to think he needs to watch over her too, and no best friend to talk to it all about.

But then Nola finds a mean, vengeful streak that releases some of her anger onto Marnie and Marnie starts to realize her picture-perfect new life, yeah well, between the secret meeting between her new best friend and boyfriend and her ever so tension-filled cling to the thin string connecting her to the clique, it ain't as great as she thought it would be.

I actually enjoyed it quite thoroughly. I was thrown by the fact that Marnie and Nola are only supposed to be 14, when I'd guess them more around 16 or 17, but maybe I'm just getting older and 14 seems so much younger now (I'm 20, if you were wondering, not 40, lol). At first I was kind of bored, but then it really started to pick up with all the twists involving the two main characters.

Not to mention all the HOT guys.

Seriously. Is this Poughkeepsie place (where the book takes place) real? Because maybe I want to move there! There were five, yes count them - FIVE incredibly hot guys in this one book alone. Sure, one was sleazy enough to be kicked off the list - but STILL. How is that POSSIBLE? Lol. Anyway, it was a fun read that did make me interested in reading more of the series and see what happens next!

But I'd recommend starting with the first novel - In or Out. Go for it.

And let's go book our tickets to Poughkeepsie! Who's with me?


Cassie Beale said…
Haven't yet read the book, but Poughkeepsie DOES exist -- in New York. Sadly, not very many hot guys.
Dominique said…
Nice review! I read this book too--and it was the 1st in the In & Out series I read! lol
I think I should check out the rest of the series!

yes, Poughkeepsie, NY does exist, but don't know if they're hot guys there or not (I think Cassie Beale knows more than me on this! lol)
MrsRonWeasley said…
Well, I'm starting to think we should save our plane ticket money for the rest of the books in the series, instead. Lol.

But we can always dreams, girls, right? ;)

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