Saturday, February 7, 2009

Twilight Saga

The Twilight Saga, starting with Twilight, continuing with New Moon and Eclipse, and ending with Breaking Dawn is exactly the reason why I am a bibliophile. Thank you Stephenie Meyer.

This review won't contain one tiny spoiler, I promise. I am only going to give a small summary of the first book - because I don't think ANYTHING should be known before reading this truly fantastic series.

Bella is a fairly clumsy newcomer to Forks, Washington. Living with her dad and all the rainy, cloudy days will take some getting used to. But when she first lays eyes on the Cullen family in the school cafeteria - the extraordinarily beautiful family, especially one in particular named Edward - she doesn't realized that her entire life is about to change.

My reaction to the series? Wow. Just - wow. I love the genre but I just never got around to this series. But with the movie coming out and all the increased buzz going around - my interest piqued. And am I glad it did!

There is a magnificent hypnotic feeling to the books - like you are literally sucked into the story and are holding your breath. Setting it down or being asked a question by someone is like breathing again after a long period - but you just want to go back. It's truly addictive.


Maybe it is amazing atmospheric quality Stephenie Meyer creates. Maybe it is the realistic, relatable characters. Maybe it's how Stephenie seems to know exactly what you want to feel before you even know it, and she satisfies. Maybe it is the character development - how we're able to feel like we honestly know all the nuances of each individual. Maybe it is the perfection that is the romance that she gives us. Maybe it's the excellence of each plot.

Maybe it's all of the above.

All I know is that I can't wait to reread these books, I'm insanely nervous about the movie (you should see me during a Harry Potter movie), and I wish with all my being that there were a billion more books left in the series. Thank goodness I have the Official Guide to look forward to.

I recommend the entire Twilight series to any and everybody - but especially to fantasy lovers, of course. But I just can't see how anyone couldn't be as sucked into the story as I was.

I mean, I was glued to each page.

I could go on and on, I would love to mention every character, and how much I loved each plot twist - but I won't. I'll leave it all up to you - read it!