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Evangeline of the Bayou

Evangeline of the Bayou is an urban fantasy middle grade novel written by Jan Eldredge and illustrated by Joseph Kueffler. You may have noticed that just last week I posted a Q&A with the author!

There is no doubt that twelve-year-old Evangeline will become an amazing haunt huntress – not with a lineage like hers. Not only was her mother a force to be reckoned with, but Evangeline lives with her grandmother – a daily opportunity to hone her skills.

And she’ll definitely get her animal familiar soon.


It will be better than some unruly cat named Fader.

Dang cat.

Perhaps her time will be now – now that she and her grandmother have been called to New Orleans to investigate a strange case bursting with secrets to be unearthed.

Yeah. She’ll definitely be returning to her bayou a true haunt huntress…

This is a fun one.

There was one particular line that was so delightful that I made a special note to call out in my review: “…its spirit force plowing her down and nearly knocking her out of her priest-blessed, silver-tipped, alligator-skin boots.”

And then I realized that not only is there ALREADY a review on the back cover referencing this exact line, the inside cover synopsis ALSO referenced it. Ha!!

What a perfect example of how resonant and memorable those flavorfully worded sentences are in Evangeline of the Bayou! Peppered with vibrant phrases and narrated in a charming third-person voice, this novel is definitely – as I said – a fun one.

Super fun.

If you want to be taken off to Louisiana, swamp-drenched and enigmatic, with a fresh and smart young protagonist – check this one out!


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